The port Saint-Tropez

The port Saint-Tropez

The village Saint-Tropez

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Reasons You Need To Visit Saint-Tropez

Saint Tropez is probably the most well known holiday town on the South coast of France. It has been a star studded celebrity favourite for many decades made world famous in the sixties by sex siren Brigitte Bardot. More recently Pamela Anderson chose to tie the knot again in this beautiful location and many a Hollywood superstar like Eva Longoria and George Clooney has been spotted strolling through its Port.

These may or may not be reasons that endear you to a location but you have to remember that the reason that it became so popular with the glitterati is that it is pure and simply, a beautiful location.

The French powers that be understand tourism very well. It understands the beauty of what it has and how to preserve, protect and present it in the best possible way without compromising too much on the demands of the average tourist. It’s a tricky balance but Saint Tropez is a showcase for coping with demand and retaining its natural charm.


The famous church of Saint-Tropez

La Ponche Saint-Tropez

La Ponche Saint-Tropez

Les Graniers Saint-Tropez

Cemetary Saint-Tropez

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Powerful Pictures of Saint-Tropez

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